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Guantánamo, 1963. Escritor y periodista independiente. Ha obtenidos diferentes premios internacionales en literatura y periodismo, entre los que destacan el Concurso Novelas de Gavetas Franz Kafka, organizado por Libriti Prohibiti de la República checa y los premios de reportaje Emilio Alejandro Núñez 2015 y el Hypermedia 2016, en España. Es miembro de la Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba.

Large-Scale Violence in Some Havana Neighbourhoods

A series of events in the Romerillo neighbourhood has caused unrest among the local inhabitants and should draw the attention of both the government and the authorities of the Playa municipality. Embedded in an area close to the 5th Avenue and within the reach of several iconic sites such as the Palacio de las Convenciones and the children’s […] Read more

Lights of Bogotá

Santa Fe de Bogotá, with almost ten million inhabitants, is the capital of Colombia, and has a rich cultural and journalistic tradition that distinguishes it from others. Not long ago I was there and I was able to obtain firsthand information about the details of the longest armed conflict in the American continent: the fight […] Read more

Devastation in Isla del Coco

The Coney Island amusement park in Havana once ranked among the most famous attractions in Latin America. Located close to the city centre, it covered a vast area from the La Concha beach to the FrutiCuba coffeehouse on 112th Street. Right in front of the Coney Island, there used to be many restaurants offering all kind […] Read more

A Nation Constantly Burdened with Debt

Getting into debt is one of the most shameful situations one can ever be faced with. Yet, it constitutes a part of the survival mechanism invented and practiced by man for centuries. At present, the Cubans are burdened with crippling debts. I’m not referring to the external debt of the country, but to debts incurred […] Read more