About US

Cubalog.eu was established by People in Need in 2007 to provide a forum for Cubans, Europeans and others to publish their analyses, experiences and critiques of the current conditions in Cuba.

Our mission is to provide in depth coverage of actually conditions in Cuba by shining a spotlight on the issues that Cubans face as the island moves closer towards a potential transition to democracy. In addition, we want to serve as a web portal for anyone who is looking for comprehensive and credible news coverage on Cuba with a focus on human rights, democratization and global policy.

People in Need and other European NGOs have intensified their work with Cuban partners in the last few years, by traveling more frequently to Cuba to monitor human rights and by offering greater supporting the burgeoning civil society there. The Cuba-Europe Dialoguebulletin was started in 2006 as a mechanism for publishing the observations from these trips to the island.

As the name suggests, the ultimate goal of the bulletin has been to foster a dialog between Cuba and Europe by acting as a forum for ideas and support to be freely exchanged between those working for democratic changes in Cuba on the island, as well as elsewhere.

Our website and bulletin function as an outlet for independent Cuban journalists and dissidents, who have no opportunity to publish their work in Cuba. This exposes our readers to information that otherwise would be unavailable to the general public in Europe and elsewhere.

Feature articles by prominent politicians, academics and pro-democracy activists across Europe and the Americas have already been published in the Cuba – Europe Dialogues about current events and affairs in Cuba. All of these are available for free online in English and Spanish though this website. Contributions have focused on topics ranging from EU policy towards Cuba; ongoing human rights violations; the evolving nature of the Cuban economy in the 21st century and the complexities Cuba faces as it moves towards transitioning to democracy.

Dialogues require continuous feedback and reflection from the parties involved. To that end, we are hoping to get more contributions for the upcoming issues of the Cuba – Europe Dialogues, which are scheduled to be published every 6 months. In addition, we want to help promote events and actions that are taking place within Europe and elsewhere dealing with the issues in Cuba.