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Large-Scale Violence in Some Havana Neighbourhoods

A series of events in the Romerillo neighbourhood has caused unrest among the local inhabitants and should draw the attention of both the government and the authorities of the Playa municipality. Embedded in an area close to the 5th Avenue and within the reach of several iconic sites such as the Palacio de las Convenciones and the children’s […] Read more

Green Hell

Among the dense green of the Guantanamo province municipality of Bayate, where the penetrating heat can become a relentless enemy of men and women, one can come upon a camp inmates call the Green Hell. Hell because of the heat, hell due to the dense vegetation and hell because life becomes less than human under […] Read more

10 Things Cubans Cannot Do

Many international media have been full of articles about how Cuba is changing. While this is true and there have been some changes that bring Cuba closer to its Latin American neighbors, Cubans still miss on many things that are quite normal in the rest of the region. Ten things that most Cuban’s still cannot […] Read more

Eternal Demographic Problems

In recent years in all the Sessions of the National Assembly of People’s Power the Minister of Health turns to expose in the Commission of Health and Sports aspects about the situation of national sanitation. In 2015 the Acting Minister Roberto Morales Ojeda said that “the country is well-prepared to confront the growing ageing of […] Read more