May 2017

Devastation in Isla del Coco

The Coney Island amusement park in Havana once ranked among the most famous attractions in Latin America. Located close to the city centre, it covered a vast area from the La Concha beach to the FrutiCuba coffeehouse on 112th Street. Right in front of the Coney Island, there used to be many restaurants offering all kind […] Read more

A Nation Constantly Burdened with Debt

Getting into debt is one of the most shameful situations one can ever be faced with. Yet, it constitutes a part of the survival mechanism invented and practiced by man for centuries. At present, the Cubans are burdened with crippling debts. I’m not referring to the external debt of the country, but to debts incurred […] Read more

Growing Conflict over the Division of the Sea

The war waged over the sea around Havana is not a result of a conflict between nations. It’s a dispute among local fishermen and divers concerning the fishing zones created and granted to them by mutual agreement in a meeting of fishermen held in 2012. “The fishermen who participated in the meeting divided the sea […] Read more