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Guantánamo, 1963. Escritor y periodista independiente. Ha obtenidos diferentes premios internacionales en literatura y periodismo, entre los que destacan el Concurso Novelas de Gavetas Franz Kafka, organizado por Libriti Prohibiti de la República checa y los premios de reportaje Emilio Alejandro Núñez 2015 y el Hypermedia 2016, en España. Es miembro de la Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba.

Villa America Today

Villa America, known as the most elegant of all the inns built in the vicinity of the Coney Island Amusement Park before the triumph of the Revolution, is located only a few meters from the Fifth Avenue, very close to the Playa roundabout. Up until the beginning of the 1990’s, its comfortable rooms used to […] Read more

Victims of Hurricanes Still Waiting for Help

“Everything is a lie. The State doesn’t protect the victims,” says Reina Ester de la Cruz Ramos, an eighty-something-year-old resident of the municipality of Santa Fe located in the northwest of Havana. In front of her house, the old woman shows us a small room full of junk with some sacks of sand and cement, […] Read more

Successes in the Fight Against Bureaucracy?

Williams, a warehouse keeper in a brewery, is holding his labour record in his hand. He boasts it triumphantly as it took him five agonizing months before he finally got what he wanted – five months of paying regular visits to the Human Resources department of the company, leaving empty-handed. “Getting the labour record was […] Read more

Seeking the Spirit of Fidel

The world goes on after Fidel Castro’s death, his ashes preserved for future generations as if they were relics or mummies of the Pharaohs. Yet, it seems that a spiritual universe spread over the Cuban territory during the funeral services, offering all kinds of signs. During these days of grief and mourning I interviewed several […] Read more

Ninety, twenty-five, twenty-six

Five days after the announcement of Fidel’s death, an atmosphere of grief and mourning could be felt both in Havana and in any other part of the country. The six national TV channels successively transmitted and retransmitted programmes about the “Maximum Leader”, the “Father of the Revolution”, while the body of the deceased was travelling […] Read more

A Cuban Travels Abroad

Armando Rey (50), a Havana native, used to belong to those Cubans who thought they would never get to know a different country in their lifetime. While the Cuban government suspended his exit permit, commonly known as the “White Card”, he received an invitation to Buenos Aires; shortly afterwards he was sitting on a plane […] Read more