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Guantánamo, 1963. Escritor y periodista independiente. Ha obtenidos diferentes premios internacionales en literatura y periodismo, entre los que destacan el Concurso Novelas de Gavetas Franz Kafka, organizado por Libriti Prohibiti de la República checa y los premios de reportaje Emilio Alejandro Núñez 2015 y el Hypermedia 2016, en España. Es miembro de la Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba.

Who is going to pay for the potato loss?

Halfway through a Congress of the Communist Party which calls for efficiency and organization in the state matters, particularly those related to the national food supplies, nearly one hundred potato sacks had to be thrown away at the nearby farmers’ market Jaimanitas. The head of El Porvenir, a shop that belongs to the Jesús Menéndez […] Read more

A Family’s Destiny

Pedro Figueredo Perucho, a citizen of Palma Soriano, was transferred to a hospital in the city of Santiago with acute renal insufficiency, fever, shivering and loss of consciousness. Even though his relatives made efforts to hospitalize him, it turned out to be impossible. Doctors stated he should receive treatment at home and at the location […] Read more

About Cuban Inventiveness

The Columbian professor Efrén Delgado, Director of the University of Latin American Workers (UTAL), defines Cubans as one of the most recursive societies thanks to their ability to perfectly adapt to any circumstance and find the most amazing solutions to their problems. Proof of this was the resolution of an extremely complex puzzle, which came […] Read more


Argimiro Caro was an activist for democracy in Cuba till migrated to other lands in 2005. A long time ago, he swore once he was convinced that in one visit to the dentist, the doctor inserted a chip in one piece to keep him located. “You do not see a dark shadow next to the […] Read more

The State is the Main Culprit

A truck loaded with apples to be distributed to private businesses has been recently seized at the La Puntilla store in Miramar, Havana. As a consequence, disciplinary and precautionary measures were taken against the employees of the store. As if it still wasn’t enough, rationalization in the sale of 48 products was also announced. The Diario de Cuba newspaper […] Read more

Cubans deported from the US

Reinaldo Cruz, native of Manzanillo with permanent address in the Havana neighbourhood of El Calvario, was deported to Cuba in 2011. Today, he spends all day drunk on the beach, surviving only thanks to the money people give him, occasional thefts or by narrating his misdeeds from the time he lived in Orlando. Another deportee, […] Read more