April 2016

Droughts keep affecting Guantánamo

The Guantánamo Province located in the Eastern part of Cuba has been affected by intense and lengthy droughts. Local dams are currently filled up to a mere 41%. Francisco Osmali Cusco Matos, head of the local water management company (Empresa de Aprovechamiento Hidráulico) stated a few weeks ago that “due to no rainfall in the […] Read more


We were travelling by a minibus that belonged to the new carrier cooperatives associated with the state. The seats were so close to one another that I could not avoid overhearing a conversation I haven’t been able to figure out till today. At one moment I even turned my head to see the person who […] Read more

A Family’s Destiny

Pedro Figueredo Perucho, a citizen of Palma Soriano, was transferred to a hospital in the city of Santiago with acute renal insufficiency, fever, shivering and loss of consciousness. Even though his relatives made efforts to hospitalize him, it turned out to be impossible. Doctors stated he should receive treatment at home and at the location […] Read more