September 2016


Married to Cheo, “the handsome guy”, Milagrito represented joy for the children from our neighbourhood. She lived two houses away from ours, a short run from our patio, there was no need to jump over any fence; in Chincha Coja, a suburb where I was born, all patios were shared. I used to go to […] Read more

How is the climate change perceived in Cuba?

I am almost sixty years old and I come from a rural area in Cuba. My parents were labourers, my father’s father was a landless peasant, my mother’s parents were peasants and landowners. I remember there was an intermittent stream flowing through their land forming small pools that provided water for cattle throughout the entire […] Read more

A Cuban Travels Abroad

Armando Rey (50), a Havana native, used to belong to those Cubans who thought they would never get to know a different country in their lifetime. While the Cuban government suspended his exit permit, commonly known as the “White Card”, he received an invitation to Buenos Aires; shortly afterwards he was sitting on a plane […] Read more