2020 ends and we continue without Human Rights

The supposed representatives of the island’s people, boast of saying that Cuba fully complies with Human Rights, when the cruel reality is different

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For more than sixty years, the Cuban government has done everything possible to hide the delicate issue of Human Rights. Cuba is the founder and signatory of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights approved on December 10, 1948, and millions of Cubans in 2021 have no idea what their rights are and if they are respected. 2020 was a year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the repressive apparatus increased violations of the rights of Cubans.                                     

The supposed representatives of the island’s people, boast of saying in the media (television and radio broadcasting), in meetings and international forums that Cuba fully complies with Human Rights, when the cruel reality disrespects everyone who wants to live more and better, in an environment of peace, freedom, harmony and human dignity.

Repression, robbery, beatings, harassment, arbitrary detentions, kidnappings, fabrication of false crimes, the absence of free enterprise, social exclusion, and violations of people of different creed, race, and sexual orientation, in addition to repressing the freedom of expression with imposed decrees are part of the daily suffering of ordinary Cubans. Miguel Ángel López Herrera, a resident of Guantánamo, expresses his outrage on the issue of elementary rights: “I was the victim of a kidnapping, I was taken more than 12 km outside the city, I was stripped naked, my clothes were stolen and nothing happened”, said this man, who went to the protection authorities and received no response, only threats from State Security.

There can be thousands of examples, and the evidence is everywhere, but this writing would be infinite. It is enough to review the reports of the Universal Periodic Review regarding Cuba, where countries and organizations express their recommendations and complaints by the government of the Greater of the Antilles. There are also the complaints by the Organization of American States (OAS). At present, the young people of the San Isidro Movement made themselves visible, peacefully demanding respect for the rights of citizens in general, which the government demonizes and labels as terrorists and mercenaries when the reality is different.

Dear reader, these lines are a visualization of the reality faced by all Cubans on the island, a harsh reality, difficult, but together and with a plan marked by united work, we can reverse the situation. But what actions to execute for the defense of Human Rights? First, and I hope you agree with me that the use of social networks is of vital importance, for a campaign where the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is visualized, where the people learn about their right to knowledge. Another way would be to give talks, workshops, get close to unrelated young people to teach them about the subject in question, distribute brochures, explain their rights to the working class.

These are just some of the ideas that can be achieved together, 2021 will be a year of challenges for Cuba, especially for the youth, who are the protagonists of social movements and changes. Is a Cuba with Human Rights possible? In our hands is the implementation and respect for our rights, the formation of values, human dignity, that is the formula to build a country based on full

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