The Cuban Communist Party and the single-party system

The Communist Party of Cuba has to get familiar with the idea of the end of the single-party system in our country, historically legitimized by Fidel Castro. After the triumph of the Revolution, Fidel established two parties: the 26th of July Movement (M-26-7) and the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC). Before 1959 he was also an active member of the Orthodox Party.

Fidel Castro / Carla Mizzau
Fidel Castro / PIN

Given his experience, Fidel says that the multi-party system would bring the destruction of the nation. In reality, such pretext prevents people from going on with their peaceful struggle. In Cuba, it was not a multi-party system that created problems, but militarism, authoritarianism, totalitarianism, the illegitimate desire to remain in power and the violation of the laws by Fidel Castro.

A multi-party system only expresses the plural character of society in which many people have different ideas and diverse interests. A single-party system leads to moral and material impoverishment. Those who govern are the same who make self-assessment, those who do calculations are the same who carry out control. Errors are not rectified, but they are hidden, and those who are negatively affected, are the people. If there is only one source of initiative, which cannot be confronted with other opinions, it always creates an uncomfortable atmosphere, where mediocrity wins.

The PCC is an organization where Cubans enjoyed criticism and self-criticism, but they have realized they are being misused to meet the interests of the state. The PCC is a driving force that has always been acting in compliance with Castro’s will, as well as the force responsible for persecuting opponents, betraying dissidents and preventing society from revealing it.

In our country, the role of the PCC alongside with other parties will be acquirable, especially when we are facing globalization of politics. “Ideological families” respond much more effectively to the problems of the people and each party fights for development and correcting mistakes. Opponents help us to realize what kind of changes are needed. Moreover, the people will not be exposed to repression or indignity and the democracy and the rule of law will guarantee that all people are treated with respect, as long as they behave in accordance with the law.

Opponents as we are have to struggle to achieve recognition of our parties and better quality of life in Cuba.

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