Obama and the Trip to Havana

The news about the eventual visit of the North American leader to Cuba before the end of the first quarter of 2016 proves to be as the culmination of a process immune to all reversibility. In principle, it is clear that this tendency towards the possession further continues after the relief of the U.S. President this coming November, regardless of the political orientation of the winner. However, it is an illusion to hope for essential changes in a line of action characterized by pragmatic and geopolitical ambition of the superpower in the region. Please note:  Obama has been only the figurehead of the plan that has had – and has- not few supporters, both among conservative forces and among liberals.

Cuba Raw
Cuba Raw

The anticipated landing of Air Force One in the José Martí airport launches various questions. On the one hand, if the visit of the first leader of the United States acts in favor of acceleration and profound economic changes, that already take place on the island; on the other, if he helps or does not improve in other questions related to the systematic violations and on the matter of flagrant human rights abuses.

Particularly, I find it hard to believe that Obama is coming to Cuba only to assign another legitimate fee to a dictator who continues to refuse the necessary decentralization of the economy, like an application of constitutional reforms that return sovereignty and the liberty of the city in its totality. We will not lose this vision. Furthermore, Washington’s political balances and strategies are derived in the conversion of approach.

As we well know, the interests of ambition of international relations end imposing only about the necessities of the realpolitik. This said, on this long road to trek across the things that are probably not being implemented according to the desires of those in Cuba fight for the establishment of a truthful democracy, without the opening to fill the patience and intent to implement strategic changes; on the contrary, it is very difficult to obtain another type of success or progress. It should be understood the keys to politics and convinced the road leading to a democratic model is not linear, but on the contrary, uncertain, intricate and loaded with obstacles. It should be known that the setbacks and falls are secured beforehand, and therefore, the important thing will then be to get up, shake off the dust, and continue the march with losing sight of objectives and hopes.

We have faith, yes, in the good that President Obama’s visit will bring for others fighting for the dismantling of Cuba’s totalitarian apparatus. Personally, I resist to believe the actual White House representative is a traitor like others who are called so in and out of Cuba after they make a public display to normalize relations between the regime headed by Raúl Castro. This was, without a doubt, a step that cannot have taken place without the consensus of both elite politicians, despite that the isolation of Cuba is still more symbolic than real time and that such categorization is served once more to the Cuban dictatorship to camouflage the dysfunctional truths of their own system.

In the words of the New York Times, Obama is ready to carry out the first trip of a North American leader to the island in more than half a century. We look forward to the results.

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