A Revolutionary Project

The institute of art and activism that Tania Brugueras has opened not long ago in Havana came to comprehend that much of the violence that exists in the world is generated from fear and as a response to the things that the people do not know how to handle. Her workplace is located on the second floor of Old Havana and will attempt to function as a school-space against lost civility in today’s Cuba.

Tania Bruguera / Foto: Mario Hechavarria Driggs
Tania Bruguera / Foto: Mario Hechavarria Driggs

As Pablo Helguera, Director of Academic Programs at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA) explained, “this Institute seeks for reflection and debate but also the realization of ideas that bring a change. It is in this integration of political commitment that is everything we do. Undoubtedly, everything that is done in this project is worthy of support”.

The campaign for fundraising has commenced and all who wish to contribute financially are welcome. “A dollar or its equivalent in national currency is already a helps for us. Nevertheless, more important is to participate and that each person feels a apart of a project that involves all Cubans in pursuit of peaceful change.

In the case of Cuba, it’s relevant that Tania Bruguera obtained from the Ministry of work a license as a freelancer for this new project, without dealing with disturbing or intimidating questions about the activity she will attempt to develop.

Via the Internet, thanks to the platform kickstarter.com, we know that her objective “is to create an equally democratic environment for learning through discussion of ideas that are relevant to all; this regardless of political views, the economic situation and level of education” of each person.

Her new project INSTAR intends to respond to the repressive actions taken by the government when in December 2014 the artist was violently repressed by trying to introduce El susurro de Tatlin (Tatlin’s whispers) in the Revolution Square in Havana. The INSTAR project already carried out a performance of 100 hours of reading texts of Hannah Arendt about totalitarianism and will very soon also offer workshops, conferences and debates directly linked to the population.

“They will be housewives, students, workers, everyone, are the Cubans. If you believe in the power of art, education and freedom of expression, join us to create an institute for art, activism, and civic literacy”.

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