December 2014

Raúl Castro: A Tolerated Dictator

At a time when fleeing the homeland has become one of the most critical social phenomena in Cuba, it seems rather interesting that the media fail to pay any attention to it. Week after week, dozens of Cubans manage to leave the country by sea – often by means of contraptions that don’t meet even […] Read more

Eye on Cuba: Reporting abuse of freedom in Cuba

This week we have our first guest post written by Antonella Marty, an independent journalist from Argentina. She shares with us her view on our project and the current situation in Cuba and Venezuela: “Eye on Cuba: Reporting abuse of freedom in Cuba” By: Antonella Marty The “democratic reforms” in Cuba are not only a […] Read more

Cuban blogger fights the system

Agustin Valentin Lopez Canino is the author of the Cuban blog Dekaisone. He is also an independent journalist. Last November he was arbitrarily detained. He has filed a complaint with all the relevant Cuban authorities about this incident. The Czech NGO People in Need was given information about his case and posted it on, which […] Read more