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The Two Faces of Havana

The state institutions responsible for the hygiene and the beautification of the city give individualized attention to the touristic zones, such as the areas where the ruling elite lives. This is definitely a fact. At the recent meeting of the Advice of Ministers, Raúl Castro said: “we have to develop […] we have the possibility […] Read more

Cuban Hospitals

If it is true, as well stated by Bohemia magazine November 29, 2013, that “in Cuba for more than 25 years the Cuban Medical Equipment Industry produces hospital furniture of exportable quality”, why then are the beds and stretchers in our hospitals so few or are so scruffy? Often, the mass media supporters of the Cuban government […] Read more

Dengue: A State Secret

In our country, the dengue had been wiped out by 1940, in spite of the fact that Cuba was surrounded by countries where the evil illness existed (Bolivia, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Venezuela, etc.). The reason was that Cuban health authorities, at that time, were exercising strict control to prevent importation of the disease (and many others) […] Read more

Green Areas Only for Tourists

Global warming has become one of greatest concerns of our time and Cubans also suffer from its consequences. The official media inform about the retreat of glaciers and the Arctic ice, which has been melting at a speed much faster than expected, leading to natural disasters in different parts of the world. However, the measures […] Read more

The Three Kings Pay in CUC

The feast of Epiphany celebrated on January 6, which commemorates the visit of The Three Kings to the baby Jesus, and the time of the Christmas when children recieve toys, has embodied part of the Christmas spirit for many Cubans despite the fact that in the early years of the Revolution, the new government stopped […] Read more

Obesity of the Malnourished

Not long ago, the Cuban newspaper Juventud Rebelde published an article by journalist Maite Maria Jimenez written on the occasion of the 16th Latin American Congress of Nutrition, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention recently held at the Havana International Conference Centre. In this article, Dr. Mercedes Esquivel, senior researcher at the Department of Human Growth […] Read more