September 2014

The First Independent Newspaper in Cuba

Were they a bunch of looneys? A congregation of relentless romantics? Eccentric dreamers? Did they really believe that they were able to reach the moon by just stretching out their hand? They were a group of Cubans who, armed with courage, stubbornness and love of freedom, tried to start a newspaper in which they could […] Read more

In Cuba human rights are violated daily

We would like to draw your attention to the ongoing human rights violations taking place in Cuba.  Our project, offers proof that these violations happen on a daily basis. The map displayed on presents the total number of cases that have been reported according to the geographical location where they occurred, which allows […] Read more

Dengue: A State Secret

In our country, the dengue had been wiped out by 1940, in spite of the fact that Cuba was surrounded by countries where the evil illness existed (Bolivia, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Venezuela, etc.). The reason was that Cuban health authorities, at that time, were exercising strict control to prevent importation of the disease (and many others) […] Read more

Racism Among Us

Despite the fact that revolutionary slogans keep repeating that the fight against discrimination based on skin colour has been won, the reality is different: black people are still subject to discrimination in Cuba. A neighbour’s daughter got once captivated by the performance of the ballet of Giselle she saw on TV. Full of enthusiasm, she […] Read more