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Agnes Koleman has been traveling to Cuba since 1997. She is a big admirer of Cuban and Cuban people and hopes one day soon they will have a democratic government.

Cuba 2020

  Although it is possible that in 2020 there will be a different political system in Cuba, it is not clear whether there will be democracy as the Cuban people long for. There is a danger that after so many years of standstill and submission, Cuba will become a vassal of another man or woman, […] Read more

Do Cubans Have More Freedom?

The arrival of 2013 in Cuba was marked by immigration reform: the famous white card, hated by all, has been cancelled and all Cubans have finally been allowed to travel anywhere in the world. Since then, queues at offices issuing passports and at various embassies granting visas have grown. Many Cubans have thus been given […] Read more