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Although it is possible that in 2020 there will be a different political system in Cuba, it is not clear whether there will be democracy as the Cuban people long for. There is a danger that after so many years of standstill and submission, Cuba will become a vassal of another man or woman, or another country; that it is bound to continue implementing changes leading to capitalism, but not to democracy.

On the other hand, after so many years of disappointment and resignation, Cubans are exhausted and many dissidents seem to have renounced the dream of a better Cuba, contenting themselves with a vision of a different Cuba. Some would even make do with a change in the government, even if it didn’t mean real freedom. Their only fear is that everything might remain the same.

Yet, some have overcome their fears and refuse to even admit a possibility that Cuba might not be a perfect country after the Castro regime falls. Their imagination conjures up naively optimistic visions, which are almost unreal. However, isn’t it utopian to assume, in the world we live in,  that capitalism will come hand in hand with democracy and democracy will bring social justice?

The articles in the newsletter range from social realism to magical realism: some of the independent journalists give a condemning testimony of the events in their country, which is even reflected in their visions of the future; others see Cuba of 2020 as an extraordinary place, where no kind of injustice will ever be committed again. As it is apparent from the last article in the newsletter entitled “And We Learned to Fly” written by Francis Sánchez, pessimism gives one wings and by 2020, Cubans will be able to fly.

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