They continue to reject our greeting


It all started with several people who simply stopped responding to our greetings, later on they looked at us with hatred and in silence. Others roared with laughter and said that we were crazy, that our salary was low and that we were going to have to go abroad. Then (some people) started screaming at us that we were scoundrels, bandits, mercenaries and traitors. Later they began to talk loudly claiming that we were criminals and that we were spoiling the youth.

They had videos or pictures on their mobile phones of the course that we did in Miami, and they laughed at us saying that we were ‘worms.’  Later they went looking for a troublemaker to teach us a lesson, but apparently once they found out that we knew about it, they gave up on the idea of giving us a beating, which was not supposed to have a political character, but a street brawl that lacked any pretext.

Currently many of these people who embarked on such an elaborate set of lies have continue to reject our greeting, they turn their backs when they see us and initiate malicious whispering. Some people that have given themselves over to such cowardice and avoid having any contact out of the fear that “they will be thrown in the same bag” with us.

All this has drastically changed our relationships with many other people to the extent that such relationships, which in the past were cordial, already no longer exist. The only thing we can do, once we run into people with these malicious intentions, is to avoid eye contact with them and ignore what they are saying to avoid a conflict. And all this despite the fact that our methods are peaceful and we have made the apolitical character on our activities clear. Could it be that in Cuba it still is not possible to think differently?



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