Tengo miedo: the psychological consequences of the mechanisms of intimidation and harassment applied by the Cuban government



People in Need presents its report on the psychological repression in Cuba, a compilation of personal stories from people living under an authoritarian regime and the psychological effects faced by them. The report is based on concrete cases and individual life stories, collected over two months from interviews with people based in the island and also exiled individuals.

The report is composed of an introduction, followed by the first part entitled “Cuba in context: the openness and the persistent social control” which offers the macro context of how Cuba has managed to obtain international support whilst concealing distinct forms of violence and psychosocial control. The central part of the report is “Methods of social control applied by the Cuban government and the psychological consequences of the repression” which approaches the techniques and psychological consequences brought by social control through testimonies from journalists, artists, activists, human rights defenders and other critical individuals who suffered psychological symptoms after breaking the tacit contract imposed by the government.

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