Who is El Crítico?
Ángel Yunier Remón Arzuaga, known as El Crítico (The Critic), is a 30-year-old Cuban musician, member of the rap duo Los hijos que nadie quiso (The children whom nobody wanted). Since March 26, 2013, he has been held in the Las Mangas Prison in Holguín, where he has been subjected to constant physical and psychical torture. He has just ended a 27-day-long hunger strike, which has weakened him so much that he has fallen ill.

Why is El Crítico in prison?
El Crítico spoke to several people gathered outside his house about the need for a political change in Cuba. He expressed his opinion in public, displaying posters and shouting slogans against the government. In a few hours he was arrested. He has been in the focus of the government and victim of repression since he began singing in his rap group, voicing criticism of the current situation in Cuba through the songs lyrics he wrote. State prosecutors charged him with political attack and sought an 8-year prison sentence.

Join the #FreeElCrítico
Regardless of your political views, People in Need would like to ask you to stand for freedom of expression, in this particular case, freedom of artistic expression. Join #FreeElCrítico on Twitter and ask your followers to join the cause as well, especially if they are musicians.

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