Cuban Views on Transition

The transition towards democracy is often viewed as a power struggle, but it is, in a way, more a consequence of prepared minds and well-debated plans. This issue of Cuba-Europe Dialogues looks at Cubans’ views and plans regarding transition. The past year has borne witness to a steady growth in debate on this topic within Cuba; perhaps in itself a far more significant development than anyone’s stomachaches.

The outcome of the project All Cubans was made public last spring and is presented in the first article in our  analysis. We have also asked several scientists and journalists from all around the world to reflect on

these plans and contribute with a comparison. Fredo Arias King shows what Cubans have learned from Central European achievements and setbacks. Vojtech Cepl, former Judge at a Constitutional Court, analyses the Cuban constitutional draft and Carlos Alberto Montaner compares the paths taken by the Cubans and the Spanish.

The Cuban state of mind and expectations are depicted by Edward McMillan-Scott, European Parliament Vice-President, who recently visited Cuba. Among others, he helped present the Cuba-Europe Dialogues in Brussels and expresses his support to the NGO Network. Its growing activities and importance are captured by several articles and listings in the second part of this issue. I hope you will find the articles useful and we welcome your feedback.

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