First Issue: Human Rights Situation

There is a great deal of interaction between Cuba and Europe going unnoticed besides official cocktail party fights and other diplomatic quarrels. Numerous Europeans and European NGOs work with Cuban partners, travel to Cuba, monitor human rights and support civic society there. We believe there is a need to provide a forum for the knowledge resulting from these activities and present the first issue of a quarterly bulletin entitled CUBA-EUROPE DIALOGUES.

Very often the most aggressive and well organized groups dominate the media and intimidate others who participate in the discussions. That is why we would like to show that different dialogues are being entered into by a range of sections of society and that it is important to take them all into account and distinguish their characters.

We dedicate the first issue of the bulletin to a summary of the human rights situation in the last year from the experience of visitors to the island and to an overview of the EU’s common policy towards Cuba and NGOs opinions on it, because these two things are and should be related.

The future issues are planned to cover various activities and events of European NGOs, their experiences and important developments in Cuban society. You are all invited to send any suggestions, reports and articles. I hope you will find this project helpful for your work.

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