The Work on Own Account and the Future

Returning of licenses for business running on one´s own account in Cuba, more than a sign of opening the centralized system of state employment, it is a fact which recognizes a fiasco of the economic model introduced in the country. A half of century of non-productivity, over-employment and corruption, among other bad things generated by […] Read more

History Will Condemn Them

Honorable members of the Inter-American Human Rights Commission of the OAS: For us, it is an honor to be able to be her today to share with you, in particular, the situation of unionists that find themselves detained today in Cuba, as well as the situation of all Cuban political prisoners in general. Only 8 months […] Read more

Cuba: Tough Questions for the Government

Havana, CUBA – Ten thousand students representing the University of Computer Sciences (UCI) questioned several of the Cuban government’s policies in a meeting held with the president of National Assembly, Ricardo Alarcón. The youths asked several tough questions. Why are salaries paid in pesos while products are sold in other currencies? Why can’t they travel […] Read more