Huelga de Hambre

A Balcony with Ferns

Several years ago, a soap opera called El balcon de los helechos (A Balcony with Ferns) was broadcast by the Cuban television. It was quite successful and had good ratings. My balcony is not adorned with ferns or any other decorative plants but I still remember the song every time I hang my clothes on […] Read more

Zapata’s legacy in Cuba

At this time on February 23, 2010, the news spread about the death of Cuban patriot Orlando Zapata Tamayo, who did not hesitate to offer his life when fighting for freedom and human rights in his country. He died after a 86-day hunger strike in protest against the Cuban government and its inhumane treatment of […] Read more

Will Guillermo Fariñas Die?

It is increasingly likely that the answer will be the affirmative. A simple assessment of recent events is enough to arrive at this fatal conclusion. It might even be able to have a notable influence, although not determinant one, on the final cycle of a determined dictatorial state by forcing both the dialectical calculations and […] Read more