Over again, the equation has failed. Once and again, there will be no swap or anything like that. The five Cuban spies will continue serving their long sentences in North-American jails while the American businessman Alan Gross, arrested in Havana on December 3, 2009, will have to find new strength to keep alive the hope […] Read more

Praying to Ratzinger behind the bars of the revolution

The prison guards had a radio on. It was a small transistor radio – an obsolete thing like everything else in the Police Station of La Regla, a town across the Havana bay. The interrogation offices were decorated in an antiquated style typical for Soviet-like political propaganda: Pictures of the assault on the Moncada Barracks, […] Read more

EU – Cuba Relations

Since the European Union (EU) came into existence, its evolution and growth has been connected with the defense and promotion of some values and basic democratic principles. Rule of law, democracy, economic liberty, freedom of speech and social progress have outweighed commercial interests when it came to relations with Latin America. The relation with Latin […] Read more

Cuba, the United States and the New Times

It’s about time to extinguish the fire of confrontation. Cuba and the United States must refrain from attitudes that trigger disbelief and resentment. It’s more than a momentary desire, it has become a steadfast aim based at pragmatic thinking and other attitudes that would eventually accelerate restoration of diplomatic relations that have been broken since […] Read more

Obama and Cuba

President-elect Barack Obama campaigned in favor of changes in U.S. policy toward Cuba, but it is too soon to tell how much U.S. policy will change, or if an Obama Administration’s actions will lead to significant change in relations between Washington and Havana. There is no doubt that relations will change between Cuban Americans and […] Read more

Survey says…Situation “Very Bad”

A recent survey indicates that many Cubans view their country’s current condition as “very bad.” Cubans said they are personally affected by the high cost of living and lack of housing. Public services in Cuba are also far below the public’s expectations. However, despite the economic hardships they face, Cubans said they would want to […] Read more