September 2009

The Alternative Cuban Blogosphere

At the end of the 1990s, Cuban dissidents sought out different media to disseminate the reality of life on the island. Reports on violations by a government that proclaims itself a human rights’ defender began to circulate around the world, damaging the image that the socialist state wants to project to the rest of the […] Read more

To blog in Cuba: defying hazards, enjoying freedom

I share with my fellow Cuban independent journalists the drunkenness of writing freely under a totalitarian dictatorship; of experiencing the catharsis of denouncing the regime’s violations; of feeling useful to my people knowing that, in the long run, what I write will contribute to a better future. In 1998, I was initiated as an independent […] Read more

Cuba, the United States and the New Times

It’s about time to extinguish the fire of confrontation. Cuba and the United States must refrain from attitudes that trigger disbelief and resentment. It’s more than a momentary desire, it has become a steadfast aim based at pragmatic thinking and other attitudes that would eventually accelerate restoration of diplomatic relations that have been broken since […] Read more