A Nation Constantly Burdened with Debt

Getting into debt is one of the most shameful situations one can ever be faced with. Yet, it constitutes a part of the survival mechanism invented and practiced by man for centuries. At present, the Cubans are burdened with crippling debts. I’m not referring to the external debt of the country, but to debts incurred […] Read more

Growing Conflict over the Division of the Sea

The war waged over the sea around Havana is not a result of a conflict between nations. It’s a dispute among local fishermen and divers concerning the fishing zones created and granted to them by mutual agreement in a meeting of fishermen held in 2012. “The fishermen who participated in the meeting divided the sea […] Read more

The Portrait of Nelson

26-year-old Nelson Rodríguez Leiva was executed in the La Cabaña fortress in 1971. The same fate awaited his soulmate friend, Angelito de Jesús Rabí. A century earlier, the poet Juan Clemente Zenea was shot dead at the same place. It was of no help that Nelson was a teacher who conducted a literacy mission in […] Read more

Changes in Transport

Over the last few days, the inhabitants of Havana have seen a higher number of buses circulating through the city. This has helped to lift the mood of passengers and reduced the number of people waiting at bus stops. The situation, however, is just a consequence of recent events. In fact, the sudden expansion of […] Read more

Say Yes to Veggies, No to Meat

To march through Havana advocating ethical treatment of animals and encouraging local residents to eat more vegetables is an idea so silly that it is quite likely to increase the anxiety of many a Cuban living in the capital and become an object of their ridicule. Yet, that was precisely the goal of PETA, American […] Read more