February 2016

Obama and the Trip to Havana

The news about the eventual visit of the North American leader to Cuba before the end of the first quarter of 2016 proves to be as the culmination of a process immune to all reversibility. In principle, it is clear that this tendency towards the possession further continues after the relief of the U.S. President […] Read more

A New Book at the Best Time

The Spanish publisher Hypermedia just released The Other Cuba (La otra Cuba), available in digital format for free for Cubans through the website of this institution. Gradually it will also incorporate to the independent libraries of our country. In its two hundred pages, the book collects ten reports prepared by an equal number of Cuban […] Read more

About Cuban Inventiveness

The Columbian professor Efrén Delgado, Director of the University of Latin American Workers (UTAL), defines Cubans as one of the most recursive societies thanks to their ability to perfectly adapt to any circumstance and find the most amazing solutions to their problems. Proof of this was the resolution of an extremely complex puzzle, which came […] Read more

Cuban Hospitals

If it is true, as well stated by Bohemia magazine November 29, 2013, that “in Cuba for more than 25 years the Cuban Medical Equipment Industry produces hospital furniture of exportable quality”, why then are the beds and stretchers in our hospitals so few or are so scruffy? Often, the mass media supporters of the Cuban government […] Read more

Detained for selling meat

One Sunday morning a few weeks ago, the security forces arrested three people who were offering beef in Nueva Aurora, a town near Santiago de las Vegas, just in the moment when several people were standing in line to buy their meat for the rest of the week. The traders, two men and one woman, […] Read more

Hopefully the wounds will heal

If we make a serious reflection about the consequences that the communist experiment has brought to Cuba, we do not find it hard to understand that the Fidel Castro’s revolution was the worst that could occur in our country. Nevertheless, there is no way to justify the coup of Fulgencio Batista in 1952 months before […] Read more