March 2008

Secret Pacts

HAVANA, Cuba, ( – The Cuban government has recently promoted its decision to sign a series of pacts with the United Nations. The commitments covered are in areas as sensitive as can be – civil law, along with political, cultural and social rights. The most extraordinary thing about this event was that nothing has been […] Read more

Europe needs solidarity over Cuba

The time has come for the EU to help the people of Cuba, who we believe are currently suffering government oppression Five years ago, the European Union was on the verge of fulfilling one of the aspirations of the Velvet revolutions that swept across central and eastern Europe by expanding from 15 to 25 members […] Read more

A Dangerous Situation

HAVANA, Cuba – The situation on the ground today in Cuba is extremely dangerous and delicate. It has been clouded now by the widely predicted, but diffuse renunciation, of Fidel Castro to the main people in charge of running the country. The new government has tried to demonstrate confidence and political security. All of it […] Read more