Relations between Venezuela and Cuba

We believe that all the agreements that Venezuela concluded with other countries to be able to make donations, grant loans or carry out financial or other investments (e.g. service) without any form of repayment or benefit for the republic are “gifts”. There are a number of considerations that are taken into account when the gifts […] Read more

Cuban Views on Transition

The transition towards democracy is often viewed as a power struggle, but it is, in a way, more a consequence of prepared minds and well-debated plans. This issue of Cuba-Europe Dialogues looks at Cubans’ views and plans regarding transition. The past year has borne witness to a steady growth in debate on this topic within […] Read more

Latin America and the Cuban Transition

If changes occur in Cuba, what can Latin-American countries offer to aid Cuba’s transition? What lessons are applicable? What mistakes should be avoided? People in Need and the International Committee for Democracy in Cuba (ICDC) has been trying to tackle these questions in the past years’ debates between European politicians and former dissidents and their […] Read more

First Issue: Human Rights Situation

There is a great deal of interaction between Cuba and Europe going unnoticed besides official cocktail party fights and other diplomatic quarrels. Numerous Europeans and European NGOs work with Cuban partners, travel to Cuba, monitor human rights and support civic society there. We believe there is a need to provide a forum for the knowledge […] Read more