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Graffiti flooding the capital

The incognito artists do not stop painting the most dissimilar sketchings on the Havana walls that are on the verge of collapse. The image seen on the corner of Subirana and Avenida Carlos III is without a doubt one of the most mysterious. Is it the way of showing the desire to escape everyday reality? […] Read more

Fine to a Street Musician

A few days ago, the Cuban Police punished a blind street musician by giving him a fine of 6,000 Cuban pesos (about 225 convertible pesos or USD). The man earns his living with his guitar and puppets, stationed in one of the many streets of the Old Havana. Mr. Arsenio Peña Blanco told us that […] Read more

How Much Does It Cost to Be Ill in Cuba?

Interview with Malvino Maldonado Iglesias Would you like to tell us about your experience with hospitals over the last few years? My experience with hospitals and polyclinics is rather long and it’s been pretty rough in the last weeks. The streak of bad luck began when I fell from a scaffolding when I was painting […] Read more