August 2008

Feet on the Ground

In her article, Our Grain for Every Day, on Sunday August 17th in Juventud Rebelde (Rebellious Youth) María Elena Martin González reveals the productive and technical challenges peasants and governmental companies dedicated to the cultivation of the rice are facing. The harvesters, investigators and officials interviewed by her layed out the problems and the plans […] Read more

A New Type of Plantation Owner

“We must return to the land! We must make it produce!” emphatically expressed the President of the Council of State during the closing session of the National Assembly on July 11th. About this issue, he said that they would very soon enact “the necessary legal orders to initiate the turning over of lands in usufruct […] Read more

Where are the Structural Changes?

HAVANA, Cuba – The events over the last two years in Cuba would provide enough material to surpass Franz Kafka’s novels or to unhinge Karl Marx, if it weren’t for the suffering these events represent for the people being jerked around by the broken promises, the enigmatic changes that never come and the tantrum of […] Read more