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Old people in Cuba. Illustrative photo

Life of Seniors in Cuba

Cuba has a population with one of the highest percentages of the elderly in the world. Despite the Revolution boasting of paying …

The family in their peaceful protest. Photo by Mario Hechavarria Driggs

Street Blocked by a Family

Not long ago, a Havana family decided to block a street with their belongings in a protest against the government’s failure to …

Cluttered kitchen, Villa America. Photo: Frank Correa

Villa America Today

Villa America, known as the most elegant of all the inns built in the vicinity of the Coney Island Amusement Park before …

The blind musician in the Old Havana. Photo by Mario Hechavarria Driggs

Fine to a Street Musician

A few days ago, the Cuban Police punished a blind street musician by giving him a fine of 6,000 Cuban pesos (about …

José Martí’s Portrait

Honor to the One Who Deserves It

Throughout the history, numerous Cuban personalities have been asked what they thought of José Martí, what he was like. Enrique Collazo, Gonzalo …

Grito Rito REC


He preferred to sit on a bench at the back. He never missed the Sunday Mass. He had a habit of narrowing …