Rewriting Cuba

When will there be a Woman President in Cuba?

  There has never been a woman president of Cuba nor has a woman come close to being an eligible candidate. While other Latin American countries have broken through this “glass ceiling” with women who became the president of their country (Violeta Barrios in Nicaragua, Mireya Moscoso in Panama, Michelle Bachelet in Chile, Dilma Roussef […] Read more

New President, Same Cuba

In April of this year, someone without the surname Castro took over the country’s leadership for the first time since the triumph of the Revolution. However, expectations of change among the Cuban people are almost non-existent. Perhaps, it was because of his inauguration speech, in which Miguel Diaz-Canel made it clear that “Raúl Castro Ruz, […] Read more

Editorial: The Three Types of Cuban Journalism

Despite the fact that journalism in Cuba has changed considerably in recent years, opening up space for the independent press and new alternative initiatives, there are still three distinct blocs. There is the state press, characterized by being more propaganda than journalism and supporting strong censorship; the independent media, which is exposed to constant smears […] Read more

The Crisis of State Journalism

A SYSTEM THAT IS SINKING I n recent months, the role of the official press as a regulatory agency for the Cuban political system has been displaced by the so-called “alternative press” and its young journalists, trained at the university, who have migrated from the state media and are creating new, independent spaces outside of […] Read more