Rewriting Cuba

My Respect and Support for the New Alternative Media

Today one of the most interesting phenomena in Cuban society is the proliferation of alternative, independent media, including those that neither take orders from the government nor from the opposition. This wealth of articulated voices, which can be seen, rather than heard, especially in electronic formats, is a significant improvement of the efforts and experiments […] Read more


Married to Cheo, “the handsome guy”, Milagrito represented joy for the children from our neighbourhood. She lived two houses away from ours, a short run from our patio, there was no need to jump over any fence; in Chincha Coja, a suburb where I was born, all patios were shared. I used to go to […] Read more

Editorial – S.O.S. CUBAN WOMEN

Despite how much we hear about political and social situation in Cuba and changes which have been taking place in recent years, little or almost no attention is paid to the situation of women living in the country. Women´s rights are often overshadowed by a struggle for democracy which seems to be intended only for […] Read more


Caridad Hernández Carlos is an elderly woman who has lived in the Campo Santo Street in the city of Camagüey for over sixty years. Known as Cachita by her friends, Caridad is a plastic artist, a graduate of the San Alejandro Academy in Havana. Facial deformity since early childhood, old dilapidated house with grey walls […] Read more