Can Cubans Really Travel Abroad?

In the beginning of this year, the new immigration law have opened up new possibilities of travelling for Cubans, who are now finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel after being kept in complete isolation from the outside world for half a century. The changes in the legislation have been […] Read more

Maria Won’t Be Able to Travel Any More

Maria Dominguez is standing in front of me. An 80-year-old woman, her small eyes moist and sad. The story of her life is rather common – like many Cuban mothers she has been living separated from her children due to arbitrary and inhuman laws that have been in force for half a century. Yes, there […] Read more

A Surrealist Island

As the world sees it, Cuba seems to have emerged from the realm of surrealism. Why compare it to the literary and artistic movement founded in France at the beginning of the 20th century? Because surrealist works were often reproved for being incomprehensible, irrational expressions of objective reality, just as articles written by Cuban independent […] Read more

When the Only Thing that Matters is Emigrating

As the main interest of an average Cuban has narrowed down to leaving the country as soon as possible, the pro-democracy movement in Cuba has found it increasingly difficult to find new supporters. To be more specific, there are very few of those who really choose to join an opposition group. A significant part of […] Read more

A Month and a Day in the Opposition

It’s 10:30pm. My wife is sleeping on a station bench. With her head propped up on a bag instead of a pillow and my sweater spread over her face, she doesn’t have to explain anything. It’s obvious that despite her being only 17 years old, she prefers not see things. Perhaps she even doesn’t want […] Read more