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Poster announcing Viridiana in Cuban cinemas

Buñuel’s Banned Film

Back in the early 1960s, Cubans were given an opportunity (perhaps by mistake) to watch the latest films directed by Luis Buñuel …

Edel Lima's Book. Photo: Tania Díaz Castro

Two Very Similar Historical Eras

The book entitled Cuban Press and the Machado Era written by Edel Lima Sarmiento, a pro-regime Cuban journalist, was published in 2014 …

Jesus Menéndez Larrondo (Philately)

A History Explained Better

For almost seventy years, the death of Jesús Menéndez Larrondo, famous leader of Cuban sugar workers and member and representative of the …

Photo: PIN

Freedom of Expression in Cuba

When Fidel Castro seized political power in Cuba, one of the first measures he adopted in order to maintain power was to …

Photo: PIN

The Cruel Destiny of UNEAC

In my youth, I was a founding member of The Union of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC) and I must say that …

Photo: Elio Delgado

A Sad Task of an Old Major

Major Ramiro Valdés Menéndez, vice-president of the Council of State and Council of Ministers, would definitely feel more comfortable as the head …